Avrio firmly believes that a better future begins with communication and collaboration. That’s why we designed our shoe to be a collaboration, showcasing materials innovations from across the industry. This company strives to implement cutting edge eco-materials and sustainable design that will enable us to directly impact people and the environment in a positive way. The future is collaborative, innovative, and unified; there is no other solution.

Circular Soles

AVRIO is the first shoe designed around a revolutionary new foam recycling technology from our fellow collaborators at Blumaka™, allowing us to make shoes out of shoes.

Blumaka™ soles are made by binding together granulated, recycled foams to make a durable, flexible, ultra comfortable sole that is sustainable and circular on a whole new level.

No pair of Avrios should ever have to end up in our oceans or a landfill. We believe that replacing waste generating materials with sustainable, eco-friendly ones will help make us and our environment happier and healthier.

The best part? You can visibly see the IMPACT you are making in the sole of your shoes!

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Algae is a fantastic natural resource because it self-replicates very quickly. However, due to human pollution in natural waterways, algae is reproducing at a catastrophic rate all over the world, causing harmful algae blooms and putting ecosystems off balance.

BLOOM™ is working to solve this problem by using excess algae harvested from ecosystems before it blooms, helping those ecosystems remain balanced and healthy. Algae naturally filters out harmful pollutants from the water, returning toxic water back to its natural state.

Algae also removes C02 from the air during its life cycle, storing that harmful c02 in its biomass.

By using excess algae harvested from at-risk ecosystems, Bloom™ is able to create sustainable performance materials while also helping clean and protect the environment. Using algae to create sustainable materials also reduces our society’s dependence on and use of harmful fossil fuels.

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Ocean Plastic

AVRIO is a proud proponent of cleaning up our oceans and pushing back against single-use plastics that pollute and destroy our environment. Our partners remove plastic from our oceans and recycles it for use in sustainable, eco-conscious products.

We’ve engineered our shoes to implement knitted yarn made from recycled plastic bottles removed from the ocean, helping clean up our waterways and avoid the creation of new plastics.

Our goal is to develop a system that tracks the plastic used in your AVRIOs back to where it was removed from the ocean, allowing you to better experience the positive impact you are making.

Antimicrobial Coating

We’re also excited to collaborate with OxiTex, a one-of-a-kind hydrogen peroxide coating solution that is the ideal tool for protecting your shoes from unwanted odors and microbes.

Your body already creates Hydrogen Peroxide every day to protect you from harmful microbes on the inside—AVRIOs harness this same natural solution to protect your shoes from unwanted odors, viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other unwanted microbes.

This coating solution has proven to work with 99.9% efficacy over the span of 3+ years and 70+ wash cycles, meaning your shoes are safe for the long-haul.

The best part? When its job is done, OxiTex returns safely to the ecosystem as purely water and oxygen, helping break the cycle of environmentally destructive antimicrobials like silver.