AVRIO: The shoe where you make a difference and prove it.

We believe Tomorrow can be Beautiful ~ 

Your sneakers should be too~


Make Tomorrow Beautiful with the shoe where you make a difference and prove it.

AVRIO is the direct product of a passion for materials innovation and direct individual impact. Our shoe materials generate positive effects on the environment during construction, provide premium comfort and support during use, and can ultimately be retired right back into the production process. 

The early bird gets the Deal… a discount of up to 35% off retail price.

Be the first to get one of the most innovate shoes on the market. Becoming part of the Avrio community is more than simply buying a pair of shoes… it shows your commitment to creating a better tomorrow, it helps us all create a better bond when we support causes that benefit all of us. Join the Avrio community and lets Make Tomorrow Beautiful.

Our very first AVRIO shoes are designed to raise the standards of sustainable fashion by combining beauty and comfort with measurable positive impacts.

Our brand and products are designed around the idea that everything we make as a society should be designed with an eye on the future.

Our mission as a brand is to champion innovative new materials, sustainable processes, and a commitment to beauty without sacrificing our environment.

We’ve worked with materials scientists and passionate designers to build a product that shows what can be done with new eco-materials, and how communication and collaboration could transform the footwear industry.

Measurable Impact in Every Pair - 437 Hours of Smartphone Use Carbon Offset - 149 Liters of Water Cleaned - 50% Upcycled Content - 7 Bottles of Ocean Plastic Removed


We believe that a better future begins with communication and collaboration. 

That’s why we designed our shoe to be a collaboration, showcasing materials innovations from across the industry.

We are striving to implement cutting edge eco-materials and sustainable design that will enable us to directly impact people and the environment in a positive way. The future is collaborative, innovative, and unified; there is no other solution. 


Not only is an an Avrio AV1 one of the most sustainable shoes available, but it’s also one of the most comfortable and long-lasting. According to in-depth biomechanical testing conducted by Heeluxe, a leading footwear testing lab, Avrio's AV1 meets or exceeds the durability, comfort, and performance metrics of leading competitors (like the Ultraboost).

The AV1’s patented sole technology (Blumaka and Bloom), highly supportive arch design, and super flexible upper knitting ocean plastic, makes the AV1 an industry leading, high-rebound sneaker built to perform for years to come.

"Avrio's AV1 shoe has better durability than an average walking shoe through Heeluxe's testing.These results support that the eco friendly construction of the AV1 will maintain their comfort and performance for many months and years."

From Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, DPT | Heeluxe: Footwear Science and Research